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"Bloodline - The Last Heir" is a computer game for Windows, which combines sneak mechanics with minimal jump & run elements. 
This vertical slice has been developed by three students of the UE - Campus Hamburg, over the course of 3 months, as a bachelor project and final milestone of the Game Design B.A. graduation process.

Step into the shoes of young Edward, the last heir, who finds himself caught in the midst of the siege of the castle of Trustenwold. Prove your skill and guide Edward through the treacherous remnants of the broken keep and past the looting and pillaging troops of his father’s enemies. 

Explore a threatening and yet atmospheric environment, while the raging battle echoes through the deserted halls and corridors of your once beloved home. Fulfil your quest and gather valuable resources along the way. Your choices will make the difference between success and failure, as you strategically use your environment to your advantage to outwit your enemies.

Game Design & Game Production
Bela Baldwin

Game Programming
Christian Katz

Game Art
Franziska Schümann 

All externally used resources are credited in our build. 


This game was created as the final bachelor project for the Games Design graduate program at University of Europe for Applied Sciences.

Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
(3 total ratings)
AuthorsReneah, Delighton, BelaB
Tags3D, Atmospheric, Medieval, Narrative, Short, Singleplayer, Stealth, Unity


Bloodline - The Last Heir.zip 218 MB


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Was pretty good, and very challenging in some areas! I don't know if I just ran into a few bugs, notibly when i'd throw a rock at a shield on the first run back to the starting area after getting the backpack, the guard i was trying to distract was turning away from the shield and over to me instead, made things quite a lot more difficult since I couldnt really rely on that distraction.  Other than that, very well done, and congrats on graduating! 


Thank you for playing and leaving the feedback, Cyberwolf! :)
Yeah, we unfortunately still have a few bugs in the final build, which we just simply couldn't fix in time. Apologies if they impacted negatively on your gameplay experience.

I understand, no worries. In the end I was able to find another way around

will you make a linux version?


Unfortunately not. This will always remain a Windows only game. We are sorry that we can't support any other operating systems.

Oh ok. Thanks for answering

I’m really excited to see where this game goes! My only complaint is some of the mechanics needs work like when and where you can throw rocks and some of the places you could “fall” and die. Other than that this was a ton of fun!

A very belated thank you for your Let's Play video and feedback. Good luck with your channel, @RamseysWrath! :)